Sunday, January 13, 2008

CADIOstrategy on SAM (Sales-Advertising-Marketing)

Another strong media to be considered are passengers, tourists or people who love to travel. Let’s call them human transmitters. Conventional marketing calls it word of mouth. But this word of mouth marketing doesn’t really focus on people who always travel. Captive market is one of the most practical approaches in making sure that your ads are not wasted. If you add “captive market” and the “human transmitter” strategy; you’ll gain the highest level of media value. Here, I suggest “THE BOAT SHOW.” Passengers got no choice but to hear your promotion once your audio ad is being played. It only takes 4 airplays to gain promotional recall to the minds of the passengers. A one-day sailing would give you more than 4 airplays. So when the boat docks or arrives the pier; subconsciously, these passengers are thinking of your promotions. And when you have satisfied them; they will surely transmit the idea to the place where they arrived. In other words, these people will surely spread the idea (promotion). Think about it? If you think we’re right; then you need to support this concept.